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Ankara University Health Complex construction giant to more rapidly Checking

The University of Ankara in the construction work of the main ones in the Health Center of Excellence will be established in one thousand five hundred acres of land continues apace. Project, the largest investment in health in recent years, after the allocation of land in 2013 is continuing unabated.

The health complex built on the main ones, such as in a 'health base' to be made in health tourism 'city brand' aims to be in Ankara also will make an important center in the world in this field, not just a health base is not local or national internationally. It will be apparent.

According to reports in the newspapers; Ankara University Rector Dr. Erkan Ibis, will be installed on the center's features gave the following information:
"We will establish a perfect Center of Excellence. Thousands beds, a full-fledged medical school hospital, it integrates a stem cell institute, medical technopark will be a complex can be made of medical biotechnology and advanced medical research this. Not just looking to Ankara, not only in national actually it has been targeted international health base. our complex Ankara Health, will make an important health centers throughout the world.
Foreign international students as we believe can serve as a base can give medicine to patients and the specialty training here. Usually an area of extraordinary medical procedures may also be made. We have said that there should be an area in need of health services in the future of the city, in a sense. Land allocation was done on the ring road of the main ones in studies in this context. Made of 800 acres of land to the medical field and will perform the construction of medical related field. We are preparing to take the foundation in 2017 unless a setback after completing his architectural studies this year. "
Prof. İbiş ultimate goal" Both education and research, as well as being an international center in diagnosis and treatment, "he said.

Approximately 30-40 million $ with the implementation of a planned hospital's budget is aimed particularly to the fore in stem cells. The health sector, the production of organs from stem cell science is the most important target of the future, emphasizing the Rector Dr. Ibis, "We plan to enter the international literature on stem cell research. Cancer diagnosis and treatment studies will be performed using advanced technologies. The addition medikalteknopark, bioteknopark, will be integrated with the advanced technology centers such as biomedikalpark units will take place. Our hospital will be a health base in the international arena" said.

Experimental Animal Center
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and classrooms, will also try to find the animal health base in the center of the social facilities.


Construction machinery is working continuously exposed areas of the inhabitants, by developing and values connected to winning quite upbeat. Bağlıca Boulevard completion of the portion extending from the Yapracık and how the evidence that rapid development to the west of the city with the start of the EGO time. University Hospital will follow the current state of construction, we will continue to inform you.

Ankara University Affiliated Hospital of Construction

Ankara University Affiliated Hospital of Construction

Ankara University Affiliated Hospital of Construction

Ankara University Affiliated Hospital of Construction

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